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More then over 40 year experience zamera is a rice producer, leading the co-operative  and support the thai muslim farmer to provide their rice to the mill for internal market, from the globalization and international trading bring Zamera realizes the way to reach and access to muslim society in other countries, in additional these able to promote the life living of muslim thai farmer family. from above mentions Zamera was established an exporting company 2003 and the vision is base on a good  relationship working closely and the well being of muslim.



Jusmine Rice Thai

Has domain properties, there are slender grain shape. Uniform grain and color,grain average longer,slim shape,less chalky,strong pandan aroma and nice texture it look quit transparency.For cooking quality is after cooked,has good pandan aroma and tender texture even the rice aged over a year.

Thai White Rice

The most favorite kind which always impressive and with various on families The Thai White Rice is polished by removed the husk and bran completely from kernel.

Glutinous  Rice or Sticky Rice

 The significant character is more stickler and sweeter than the others kind. The Northern and Northeast consumers of Thailand consume as main of meal and cook for many kinds of desert. Name is derived from 2 kinds of starch in kernel"Amylose and Amylopectine". A high in amount of the layer brings the sticky texture.


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